Services and Programs

The CAHS Medical Miracle Workers Program

transportsThe Medical Miracle Worker (MMW) program makes a difference in the lives of animals.

The Conway Area Humane Society offers shelter, medical care, and love to every animal. The shelter receives owner-surrendered animals to give them a second chance.
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Adoption Program

  • All animals visit with the doctor, are tested for incurable diseases, spayed/ neutered, vaccinated, wormed, and readied for their new homes.
  • To better promote lifelong relationships, the shelter staff works to match the lifestyles of humans and animals.
  • The Conway Area Humane Society offers shelter, medical care, and love to every animal. The shelter receives owner-surrendered animals to give them a second chance.


Surrendering an Animal

  • If you can no longer keep a dog or cat, please call us to discuss 603-447-5955
  • Animal surrenders require an appointment, please do not bring an animal for surrender without prior approval, as we may not have space to accommodate you.
  • Please consider what is most humane for your animal before surrendering. If they cannot safely greet strangers, this is not an appropriate place for them to find a new home.
  • If you are considering rehoming your animal while having them still live in your home and would like advice on how to do that, we are happy to assist by sharing the animal and your contact information on our social media sites, and provide you with guidance on finding a great home.


Adoption Services

  • CAHS Adopting FamilyStaff and volunteers work together through training and socialization to bring out the best in all the animals and enhance their chances for adoption.


 Safe Haven Program

When people fall on hard times, we are there to help them keep their animals. Our Safe Haven Program allows for a short term stay for your animals at the shelter if you have a medical emergency or short term procedure, a house fire, or are a victim of domestic violence. We also have a dog and cat food pantry to help out in hard times. All you have to do is ask.

The Lifelong Friends Program

Planned Giving CAHSThe Lifelong Friends Program matches senior citizens with older, adoptable animals. This popular program addresses many of the concerns expressed by seniors who expressed a desire to have a companion animal.

As a member of the Lifelong Friends program, seniors (over 65 years of age) are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Our staff will help you to find the perfect new family member. These highly adoptable animals will be older dogs and cats seeking their forever homes.
  • The Conway Area Humane Society adoption fee is waived for participating seniors in our program.


Veterinary hospitals in the area who are participating sponsors of the Lifelong Friends Program will provide a 10% discount when you present a letter of participation from the Conway Area Humane Society. Participating veterinarians include:

Conway Veterinary Hospital

Fryeburg Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Monique Kramer

North Country Animal Hospital

End of Life Services

At CAHS we honor the difficult decisions that we as pet owners must face when illness and age has affected the quality of life of our beloved pets. We offer many services to help with this painful time.
Our staff will provide a listening ear without judgment and explain the many options we offer. We are happy to work with you to build the best experience possible for you and your family members with your loss. We offer a safe place for you to grieve and the privacy and support to know you are not alone facing these difficulties. We encourage you to contact our shelter for further information.