FacebookPlease click here or the facebook link for the first look at animals up for adoption at Conway Area Humane Society! Many of our transport dogs, especially puppies, are adopted so quickly they do not make it to the “available dogs” section of this website.

Adopting from CAHS

  • Step 1 – Come to the shelter with a survey filled out or fill one out here.
  • Step 2 – Then consult with an adoption counselor about finding the right match for you.
  • Step 3 – Once approved, if you’re adopting a canine, you’ll need to do a canine meet and greet if you already have another dog in the household.
  • Step 4 – Congrats! Now we want to take a photo of you and your new family member and share it on our Facebook page!


  • All of our adoptable animals are available for you to spend as much time with as needed to get to know them before making the decision to add them to your family.  Please consider the needs of all family members when choosing a pet & bring the whole family if you can!


  •  For same day adoptions, especially on weekends, please bring your veterinary records with you.


If driving to the shelter from a long distance away, it is best to call ahead to make sure the animal you are interested in is still available. 603-447-5955


Adoption fees

Puppies (Under 1 year) – $350.00
Adult Dogs (1 to 37Years) – $300.00
Senior Dogs (+8 Years) – $125.00

Kittens (Up To 1 Year) – $150.00
Kitten Pairs – $250.00
Adult Cats (1 to 11 Years) – $90.00
Senior Cats (+12Years) – $45.00
Adult Bonded Pairs – $150.00


Adoptions Include:

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery
  • Heartworm testing (if over four months old)
  • Distemper / Parvo-virus vaccination
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Heartworm prevention
  • General de-wormer for intestinal parasites
  • Microchip with registration on national database
  • FREE office visit at participating local veterinarians
  • 30 days of free Trupanion Pet Health Insurance

Why we cannot give animals away or give “discounts” for adoptions:

adopted dog with boyWe are a non-profit animal shelter.  Although we would love to give away a pet to every person who wants to offer one a loving home, the shelter could not stay open we did.  Unfortunately, we can not give animals away and afford to continue providing housing and care for more animals.  Adoption donations of young, healthy, highly adoptable animals help to offset some of the costs associated with paying the vet bills and housing costs of animals that are not as quickly adopted or require additional vet care due to injury and neglect.  If you value having a shelter in your community where homeless animals can safely go – please know this is only possible because of donations.  We receive NO state or federal funding of any kind.  We keep our adoption donations as low as possible to encourage adoptions, yet allow us to stay open.

Puppy Adoptions

Puppy for adoptionPuppies are cute – and they also require a tremendous amount of work and patience.  After a few sleepless nights, they may not be as cute as you first thought!  Please be sure to tell our adoption counselors what your daily schedule is like so they can advise of an appropriate age match for you to save you the heartache of realizing the hard way that you are not prepared for a puppy.  Please consider that a puppy will require around the clock supervision in order to properly house train and obedience train.  If you work long hours or are gone for more than 3-4 hours at a time, it will be very difficult to properly house train a puppy and can result in a very frustrating (and messy) experience for you.   All puppies go through a period of intense chewing/teething.  If you have small children in the home, it can be difficult to manage a rambunctious teething puppy at the same time.  It is very important to do research ahead of time to know what to expect, and we highly encourage any puppy owner to sign up for a puppy obedience class.


adopted catPlease read the informative links below to learn about the science based training methods we recommend.  We encourage people to use training methods that focus on learning what motivates your dog and using that to build a positive relationship with your dog.  We discourage anyone from using outdated training methods that rely on physical punishment or intimidation to frighten a dog into obeying.